Best Agile Tool for Atlassian Jira Users

A digital tool designed to support Agile practitioners in coaching teams, providing team health check assessments, and seamlessly managing coaching cards. With automated solutions and intuitive visualizations, it simplifies every step of the coaching process.

Dashboard - Key Zone for Product Users

All within a centralized space

Seamlessly navigate through key features, comprehensively view significant statistics, and effortlessly manage the coaching process.

  • Navigation to Main Features
  • View & Monitor Teams' Health
  • Informative Charts
Core features for team coaching

We empower Agile coaching
with our tool

Unique "fact check model"
for team's assessments

Experience a distinctive fact-check assessment model that empowers you to assess your team's Agile practices and approaches. This enhances the coaching process and accelerates the team's achievement of high Agile maturity within a short timeframe.


Centralized Insights
for Informed Coaching

All essential team data is consolidated in one centralized space. Obtain insights into team health and evaluate overall performance using Agile framework components. This facilitates coaching and fosters effective, transparent communication of both challenges and achievements within the team.


Automatically generated
insightful conclusions

Explore a detailed conclusion generated by the system that describes the negative impact of the respective challenge on the team, as well as highlighting the processes that are functioning well and contributing positively to the team.


Tailored suggestions
for every team's challenge

Utilizing an assessment of the current team state based on predefined criteria, the system generates specific suggestions to address identified problems and challenges. These tailored recommendations serve as guidance, empowering the team to enhance its performance and overcome challenges effectively.

Manage activities in one unified space

Streamline coaching with our backlog and board

Visualize progress and foster collaboration with our Board. Organize, prioritize, and track coaching cards to ensure a streamlined coaching process. Utilize the Backlog to easily manage coaching cards for all your teams in one unified space.

  • Create and analyze coaching cards
  • Prioritize and organize coaching cards
  • Track coaching cards Progress in Implementation
Features which are generated by system

Effortless and Swift Coaching
with Automated Solutions

Automated Assessment

Automated Team Health Assessment

Automated Conclusions

Generating Meaningful Insights into Team Health

Automated Suggestions

Suggestions to Address Team-Specific Challenges

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Customer Reviews

Customer feedback
on our product

"You have helpful suggestions for all team components, and it's great."


Agile Coach

"It's actually live mentorship, without a mentor & along with this, the Agile coach will also develop."


Agile Transformation Lead

"The performance report is excellent, and equally impressive is its automatic generation of conclusions."


Agile Coach